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It's Come To This

After almost four years with the 45th President of the United States, there really isn't too much that we haven't come to expect. Donald Trump has shattered the norms we once took for granted in our political process. Truth and civility were never present, even at the start of his administration. People are not surprised that, in all likelihood, an American President is about to be prosecuted for High Crimes & Misdemeanors the moment he leaves office. When you look at the mountain of indictments that are being teed up by State DAs - among which are charges no less odious than sexual assault and gross financial malfeasance - you would think that there was nothing new that could shock the public. You'd think that with all that the American people have been subjected to, we'd be so jaded to whatever insult or injury comes next that we might not notice... Well, it seems that there IS something that #IMPOTUS45 could do that would be shocking enough to raise more than an eyebrow.

Donald J Trump is going to take a runner from the United States and escape before he and his sycophants, quislings and enablers are criminally prosecuted.  

Most people can't even imagine that a President would consider fleeing the country after their term in office has expired. This previously unconsidered action has been validated by no less august a concern than England's oldest and most venerable bookmaker, Ladbrokes. They are currently taking bets online for whether DJT will be in Russia on February 1st of next year. Let that sink in for a minute. The bookmaker who's been doing this longer than anyone in England believes that Trump is going to flee. This is an organization that has money on the line for the outcome after the election. Since listing the bet on their website, they have tightened up the odds fully by a third that "The Donald" is going to hop on his jet and head to Russia before he answers to the American people for what he's done.  If that isn't an index indicative of the confidence in #IMPOTUS45 sticking around to face the music, we don't know what is. For most people it's inconceivable that a President would flee their country, but for those that calculate the risk of such things, it appears that it's the likely conclusion of Trump's Presidency.  

Will The Donald "take a runner" before he can be collared for his crimes? Place your bets!

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