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It seems we wake up each day with #IMPOTUS45 having created a new reprehensible disaster or insult to our lives. Many of these injuries are small darts to assault our nation's norms and sometimes they are great in that they are injurious to the very bedrock of our democracy. Regardless of the size, there is one thing that these insults all have in common; they are designed not just to enrage, but to pummel the American people into forgetting what the last outrage was. This "rage fatigue" is entirely intentional and designed to add cover for the outrages and crimes that the GOP and this administration are committing. It's a plan of "governance by confusion" and it's proven very effective for the far right as they continue to pervert our laws, ideals and societal norms. 

Fortunately, there are those among us who don't forget. They are documenting and cataloging every affront great and small so that when the time comes to prosecute #IMPOTUS45 and his enablers for their many high crimes & misdemeanors, there'll be an accurate accounting of every illegal and immoral act he has subjected the American people to. 

  • Colluding with a foreign government to interfere in an election.

  • Gaslighting the American people over his impeachment.

  • Rolling back dozens of environmental protection laws.

  • Illegally detaining migrant children in cages.

  • Dismantling the quality of education in our schools.

  • Giving credence and support to racists.

  • Failing our country's citizens during hurricanes and other natural disasters.

  • Failing to protect our nation's armed forces personnel in the face of Russian bounties being paid for their deaths.

  • Disregarding doctors and scientists in the face of a pandemic that has killed 160,000 Americans.

The list of all that he has wrought upon the American people goes on for pages, but suffice it to say we remember. We remember these assaults and crimes and have concluded that DJT and his corrupt cronies must face the hammer of justice when they are removed from power. The weight of these impending prosecutions lead us to the determination that there is a high likelihood Donald J. Trump will try and flee the U.S. for a more hospitable nation, one where he'll be welcomed with open arms. We also know that there is a very short list where he'd receive such a reception. Actually, that list has only one name on it and it's Russia. Putin most certainly remembers all that #IMPOTUS45 has done to assist him, the oligarchs and organized crime lords in their cause to inflict and profit from injury on the United States. They will give DJT a hero's welcome upon arrival and then point to him glowingly as a trophy with which to tweak the liberal democracies of the West. This isn't a fever-dream, it's well within the realm of possibility and becoming more likely every day. So, when Trump tries to #takearunner, will you remember all of his crimes and insist that he be brought to justice? We most certainly will...

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